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CreteOtels - Hotel Management Services

Creteotels is a new firm, which aims to provide integrated “Hotel Management” services to hotel and tourism businesses. Established by experienced executives from the tourism business administration industry, who introduce a new model of service provision, it is changing the face of the Greek tourism market.

Its objective is to guide its clients to greater operating profitability, utilising the knowledge and valuable experience of its human resources, as well as modern management techniques.
With partners coming from the hotel industry and with respective studies, it also provides consulting services (Hotel Consulting) in order to assist to an increasingly greater improvement of the hotel's operation.

Creteotels is a private service and Solution provision company.
Here at Creteotels, we are not just selling a product. We offer Solutions and Hospitality services.
Moreover, due to our commitment to international market standards, hotel operation can meet the respective quality requirements of the business.
These objectives must be achieved with the lowest possible cost in terms of staff and raw materials, so that the hotel addresses the increasing levels of competition and the pressures exerted on the tourism market.
Its innovative services have been designed to assist its clients to become dynamically involved in modern entrepreneurship, without unnecessarily burdening their budget.

Tomorrow is simply too late.

Marketing Services
E-Marketing Services
Contracting Services - Pricing Policy - Booking management
Consulting Services
Food & Beverage
Find staff - learning from Greece and abroad - Personal Training
Debtor Management
Business & Marketing Plan preparation for new facilities
Financial Management
Estimate Cost - Control and Revenue Analysis
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